What About Removable

Removable retainer

Removable retainer resembles a thin, clear gum shield. It is placed over your teeth to retain the result of dental braces. Aside from this, a retainer is also used to solve speech defects and to stop grinding and other Bad Dental Habits.

Completing your dental braces treatment  is a victory itself. However, your journey doesn’t end with this. To continue maintaining your hard-earned smile, you need a removable retainer to seal the deal.

Remember that removable retainers are equally important as the orthodontics treatment itself. Luckily, we offer removable retainers at Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic. Proven to be durable and effective at past patients in Malolos Bulacan, our retainers is one of a kind. 

And together with a holistic commitment to deliver the best, patients can expect a faster result and unfailing support from our trained dentist, Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay. 

Interested in getting a Removable Retainers in Malolos Bulacan? Here’s all you need to know about removable retainers and why do you need one.