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What About Removable

Completing your dental braces treatment  is a victory itself. However, your journey doesn’t end with this. To continue maintaining your hard-earned smile, you need a removable retainer to seal the deal.

Remember that removable retainers are equally important as the orthodontics treatment itself. Luckily, we offer removable retainers at Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic. Proven to be durable and effective at past patients in Malolos Bulacan, our retainers is one of a kind. 

And together with a holistic commitment to deliver the best, patients can expect a faster result and unfailing support from our trained dentist, Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay. 


Interested in getting a Removable Retainers in Malolos Bulacan? Here’s all you need to know about removable retainers and why do you need one. 

Removable retainer

Removable retainer resembles a thin, clear gum shield. It is placed over your teeth to retain the result of dental braces. Aside from this, a retainer is also used to solve speech defects and to stop grinding and other Bad Dental Habits.

Benefits of Removable Retainers


 Having a removable retainer offer a more comfortable way than other orthodontics treatment plans. You can easily remove and wear it in just a simple process. There are no fuss and pain involves in wearing one.    For patients that experience wearing a dental brace, having a removable retainer is relatively an easier experience. You can greatly appreciate the flexibility of one when it comes to eating One tug and you’re free to eat and drink. Brushing and flossing are also made effortless. 


A removable retainer is also used to protect teeth for grinding and other external pressure such as hitting and falling. With this, your teeth lessen the possibility of damage and relapse.

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With the proper care, Removable Retainers in Malolos Bulacan can give you years of confident and brighter smiles.


Most frequent questions and answers

Dental braces start the process of moving your teeth in a certain direction. And retainers ensure that it stay that way. 

But first, why do even teeth move even after the braces treatment? It boils down to the nature of the teeth. When the dental braces is removed, you can expect that the component of your gums will pull back your teeth to its original position. This situation is called orthodontic relapse. Imagine putting up a year or so with wearing a dental braces only to lose the result afterward. This is why a retainer is a critical follow-through phase for successful orthodontics treatment. This is where the most important part of the journey begins.

Apart from the effects of gums tissue, the growth of jaws can also attribute to the dental relapse. 

  1. Place it in a safe place. When the retainer is not in use, put in a safe and clean retainer. Protect it from possible damage. 
  2.  Clean it regularly: Use a soft-bristled brush to clean your retainers. It is recommended to wash after every meal. You can choose to soak it in a mouthwash or other solution. Ask your dentist for a recommended for this. 
  3. Have a regular retainer check-up.

Adjustment and repair are available in any orthodontic clinic. However, it is expected for the retainer to loosen over time. If the looseness is severe, schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately. 

If this happens, you can reach out to your dentist to adjust or get a new one. However, when the retainer become ill-fit, it can be due to not using it consistently. One day does not seem harmless, but it can create avenues for teeth to move one step a time. As a result, it can affect the fitting of the retainer. 

Some orthodontics clinic provides specialized cases for retainers. It is recommended to put the appliance there. And again, put it in a safe and clean place to lessen the possibility of damage