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What About Removable

Removable Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. If you have one or more natural teeth remaining in either the upper or lower jaw, Flexible Dentures in Malolos is a good choice for dental Aesthetic and Prosthodontics. It is designed to look and function like natural teeth.

At Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic, we specialize placing and creating Flexible Dentures in Malolos that is durable and worry-free solution for dental problems. Our treatments are designed to be comfortable and convenient for the patients. 

Using proven designs, high-quality materials and the latest equipment, our clinic customize each patients’ case for the best restorative flexible dentures in Malolos.

How does It work?

A removable denture can replace the front, back, upper and lower teeth. Usually, there is a metal frame that holds the denture in place while in your mouth or clasps that attach to the surrounding crowns. 

For hundreds of years, removable dentures have been the most common solution for those who suffer from tooth loss. 

While the main goal of a removable denture is to replace missing teeth, it is also used to keep the surrounding teeth to develop correctly. 

Benefits of
Removable Dentures:

  • Cosmetic improvement of the teeth
  • Cost-effective treatment for restoring missing teeth 
  • Allows a flexible oral care as the denture can easily be removed
  • Improve the bite of the teeth.
  • Avoid the possibility of teeth shifting and bite collapse

Repair facial contours and avoid jaw-related problems


  1. Creating impressions of your jaw
  2. Fabricating a model of the exact shape and position of the denture.
  3. Adjusting the model to your teeth
  4. Making the final denture
  5. Placing the denture and adjusting the fit if necessary 

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If you are missing teeth or have other dental issues, we can discuss different options that can provide you an optimal oral health and a wonderful and functional smile. With the proper care, a Flexible Dentures in Malolos can give you years of confident and brighter smiles.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are missing one or more teeth and thinking of getting dentures, you will first need a consultation with a dentist. In this, you can ask about the procedures and other options.

Replacement of dentures is recommended every 6-8 years. Depending on the lifestyle of the wearer, the lifespan of a removable denture can vary. dthukl’ 

Sleeping with removable dentures in your mouth is optional. However, some dentist recommended not sleeping with them as it causes plaques or thrush. 

To avoid this, you can take them out at night, clean them and place them in a safe place.

Removable dentures are designed to accommodate usual routine like eating. However, it’s best for the first week to stick with eating soft foods as the dentures need adjustment.

  1. Let the denture to float in water when you’re removing it.
  2. Rinse your mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash or water.
  3. Gently pull the denture out of your mouth. It’s important to be calm and gentle in this to avoid accidental breaking.
  1. Wash your dentures under warm water after eating.
  2. Brush them daily with denture paste.
  3. Rinse thoroughly the denture after.

For the initial week after getting your dentures, you might experience discomfort as your teeth are still adjusting.

However, beyond the common discomfort, there will be no pain present in wearing a removable denture.

In the situation that you feel pain, immediately contact your dentist. If you feel that the denture doesn’t fit you right, it’s important to reach out to the clinic and discuss possible solution. 

On the contrary, wearing a partial denture will help with your speech function. When you are missing teeth, it is noticeable that you are having difficulty in pronouncing certain words. With dentures, you can expect improvement in your speech.

If the denture no longer fits properly, if it breaks, cracks or chips, reach out to your dentist immediately. In many cases, dentists can make necessary adjustments or repairs.

Denture adhesives are known to provide additional retention for dentures. Make sure to ask your dentist about this. Also, purchase a safe and authentic denture adhesive. 

Follow your dentist’ instruction in using this to avoid inflammation and other issues. 

However, denture adhesives are not the solution for ill-fitting dentures. Consult a dentist immediately if yours doesn’t fit anymore.