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WHAT ABOUT pit and fissure sealant?

We are born with pits and fissures. However as we grow up, this part of our teeth became the ideal place where oral bacteria develops. Described as the groovy surface in the tooth structure, pits and fissures are vital in one’s oral health, especially for children.

That’s why placement of Pit and Fissure Sealants as early in their childhood is the perfect time. It will help to reduce the chance of tooth decay. At Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic, we provide warm and child-friendly Pediatric treatment like this. Our Pediatric Dentist Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay impart a holistic commitment to deliver the best comfortable treatment for her young patients, including this and fluoride Application. 

Things to know about pit & fissure?

Pit and Fissure

A pit is a small depression on the surface of the tooth, while fissures are the grooves that naturally occur on all the biting surfaces of teeth. 

Pit and Fissure Sealants

The pit and fissure sealants are used to cover the grooves of teeth. Sealants can inhabit the pit and fissure with its protective nature on the material. 

Once occupied by the dental sealants, the grooves of teeth will be much harder to be invaded by oral bacteria. In result, this will lessen the chances of cavities. 

Aside from the bacteria not being able to settle in, sealants also prevent any food debris to go between the grooves of the teeth. It makes it easier to brush and floss. It will be not harder anymore to get out the trapped debris between teeth pit and fissure. All of these functions make sealants a good step to jump start your child’s’ dental health. 


The pediatric dentists will clean the teeth thoroughly to prepare for the placement of the sealant.

  1. After the teeth are free of food debris and dried,  the dentist will paint the tooth surface with a safe solution. This will ensure that the sealant bonds to the tooth.
  2. Next, an adhesive is applied under the sealant.
  3. The dentist will apply the sealant then.
  4. The liquid sealant will harden and bond on the tooth surface.
  5. If necessary, the dentist will adjust the sealant if there is something wrong with the bite.

    The placement of the pit and fissure sealants is quick and simple, taking only a few minutes for each tooth.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A pediatric dentist can easily tell if a child needs this treatment. Usually in the first dentist visit, Pit and Fissure Sealants will be mentioned as one of the preventive plans. Mostly, this procedure is recommended for filling the molars of kids that have higher risk of tooth decay.