What About Pediatric?

Every child of Filipino families deserves an unparalleled dental care. Our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos helps in preparing the young generation from the start of their journey with a comprehensive oral education and special treatments. With this initiative, parents can ensure that their children’s smile will stay bright and healthy in the years to come.

Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic promotes dental health of the children.Our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos strives to introduce optimal oral health in a positive, fun, compassionate and child-centered environment. 

After all, in our Pediatric Dental Clinic in Malolos is where bright smile begins. Early oral examinations help children to maintain a good health as they grow up.

Here’s a list of the following benefits of Pediatric dental:

  • Diagnosing oral diseases as early as possible
  • Maintaining optimal oral health
  • Introduce treatment plans
  • Habit counseling (for example, pacifier use and thumb sucking)
  • Catering special needs for the children regarding anesthesia
  • Monitoring the development of the teeth and jaws
  • Performing surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth removal if necessary
  • Repairing of decaying teeth
  • Advising on preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth of children

Aside from the regular dental check-ups, our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos also offers specific treatments such as Fluoride Application and Placement of Pit and Fissure Sealants. Both procedures emphasize the need for early prevention. Avoiding damage to your teeth through intensive oral care beats trying to fix possible problems.

Here’s a brief of introduction to the two Pediatric Dentist in Malolos treatments.

Flouride Application

Fluoride Application or fluoride varnish is a procedure especially advised for children. Mostly, this treatment can help prevent tooth decay. Fluorides made with fluoride, a mineral that can strengthen tooth enamel (outer coating on teeth). This can be done 2 to 4 times per year.

To do this, the dentist will place the fluoride on the top and sides of each tooth with a small brush. The child may feel the hardened varnish in his mouth but will not be able to lick the varnish off.

If the treatment is continuous, you can expect a good oral health for your children. However, it’s best that your children will steadily attend to his/her personal oral care like brushing and flossing.


Pit & Fissure Sealants

Pits and fissures are natural parts of the teeth. However, as a child grows up, his/ her Pit and Fissure can deepen and can lead to dental caries. To prevent this from happening, the Pediatric Dentist in Malolos recommends to every parents to have their children get sealants on these parts of their teeth.

Dental sealants are used to coat the hollows of the pit and fissure. They are typically placed on the d on the molars and premolars at the back of the mouth.


A licensed and trained practitioner, Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay understands a parent’s concern for the well-being of their child. Our dentist in Malolos Bulacan is trained to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for the younger patients. As usual with kids, anxiety is a common thing when visiting the dentist. Our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos has been educated on techniques to help calm anxious children. With the right training and state-of-the-art equipment suitable for younger patients, we assure a warm, caring and child-friendly environment.


Most frequent questions and answers

All dental specialists like a pediatrician dentist have worked hard to get the right education with several years of additional training. In this period, they acquired specialized knowledge in dealing with children. Pediatric dentists are thought a different set of expertise that ensures them to deliver a lifetime of smiles to younger patients.

Our pediatric in Malolos recommends that you make an appointment to see the dentist as soon as your child gets his first tooth. A child is advised to be consulted by 6 months after his/her first tooth erupts or by 1 year old.

It’s best to provide a positive support to your kid. Make sure to explain the need for a dentist. If your child feels nervous about his/her first dentist visit, we assure you that our clinic is trained to help deal with this kind of situation.

At the first visit, expect a simple discussion about your child’s dental health. The pediatric dentist will check your child’s teeth to look for any potential problems with the teeth, gums, and jaw. The dentist will also provide treatment plans if necessary, In here, you can ask any questions you have about how to care for your child’s teeth as they develop.