What About Orthodontic?

Other than tooth removal and gum treatment, Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic also offers Orthodontics procedures. These services help in correcting teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. As a result, you can achieve a healthier mouth, a brighter and confident smile, and long-lasting teeth.

Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan is guaranteed to be advanced with the right equipment and comprehensive expertise.  Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay is a trained dentist that can deliver efficient results in a warm and comfortable way. 

The following is some symptoms that can hint that you need an Orthodontics treatment plan:


gaps, or spaces, between the teeth


There is little space for the teeth to develop properly.


There is an overlap on  the upper front teeth over the lower front teeth.


There is a visible protruding of the  lower teeth past the upper front teeth.


This is when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting together normally.


There is space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together.

Misplaced midline

When the center of your upper front teeth does not line up with the center of your lower front teeth, this can create spaces between.

If you find that you have few of the mentioned symptoms above, don’t hesitate to consult our dentist in Malolos Bulacan for a professional confirmation.

Once you’re set in undergoing Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan, you can expect the following advantages

  • Prevention of tooth damage and gum diseases
  • Correction of dental crowding
  • Straightening of your teeth
  • Correction of your bite
  • Having a brighter and more confident Smile


Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan involves different appliances such as dental braces and removable retainers. Both materials use pressure to conform and reshape the development of the  teeth. Depending on the severity of the cases, Orthodontic Treatment can vary.

To further elaborate, here are brief descriptions regarding the two appliances.

Dental Braces

Known as the most common Orthodontic appliances, dental braces is made of bands, wires and brackets. The wearer have the appliance’ bands fixed around the teeth. The brackets are then placed to the front of the tooth. Overall, braces use pressure to push teeth in a specific direction. At the same time, the bone changes shape as pressure is applied.

Dental braces are adjusted monthly for maintenance. As Orthodontic is a case-to-case basis, some can achieve a result in just months while others have to wait for a year or two.


This appliance is worn on the roof of the mouth. It prevents shifting of the teeth to their previous position. Dental relapse,as they called it occurs once the dental brace is taken-off. So, dentists greatly recommend the use of retainers.


Most frequent questions and answers

A visit of consultation can determine whether you need orthodontics. You can undergo a review of your medical and dental health history, a clinical exam, and special X-rays.

While there are added challenge in brushing and flossing when wearing fixed appliances, it’s not an excuse to neglect these oral care routine. Continue to commit a strict oral homecare.

It’s also best to use a specialized toothpaste while you’re in orthodontic treatment. Make sure to ask your dentist for a recommended diet plan and other preventive plans.

Here at Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic, we provide Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan and an accompanying comprehensive oral education. Should you have any questions, we provide accessible aftercare plan that can help you to achieve a higher success rate in your Orthodontics problem. 

Dental braces in Malolos Bulacan do not hurt at all during its placement. However, you can expect some discomfort afterward. It takes some days or a week for your teeth to adjust to the newly placed braces.

The first appointment is a mere consultation. It will determine if you’re eligible in having an Orthodontics treatment. You might undergo a thorough clinical examination such as x-ray and review of your medical history. From there, the dentist can formulate a diagnosis.

If your Orthodontics complication is minor, then a retainer might be enough to treat it. However, a retainer have its limit and its main focus  is keeping the teeth to develop at a certain angle.

If the dentist recommends retainers, it can be good alternative to close gaps in teeth. However, this can take longer than a normal dental brace.

To explore options for Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan, don’t hesitate to send us a message through our email or Facebook, or give us a call.

We can discuss available plans for Orthodontics procedure. Our Orthodontics expertise can provide you an optimal oral health and a wonderful smile.

With the proper care, Orthodontics in Malolos Bulacan can give you years of confident and brighter smiles.