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What Is Fluoride Application?

Fluoride application plays a crucial role in every child’s oral health. Not only it strengthens the teeth’s structure, but it also prevents the build-up of cavities. 

In Dr. Keith’s Dental Clinic, our Pediatric Dentist Dr. Keith Anne Magsakay is trained to perform the treatment with her specialized expertise in handling the dental health of younger patients.

A child can receive his/her Fluoride Application once he/she has a tooth. The treatment is done in the pediatrician’s office and is recommended to two to 4 times the procedure every year. You can ask our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos in how many applications should your child needs as it depends on the health and lifestyle of the patients.

But first, what is Fluoride Application?

You know how it looks like. Dental Braces in Malolos Bulacan  is an appliance made of wires, bands, and other metals. But here’s a more concrete rundown on its material.
Fluoride Application or also known as Fluoride varnish is a pediatric procedure that helps in preventing tooth decay. Mostly, it can slow down the risk of cavities. The treatment involves fluoride, a mineral that can strengthen tooth enamel (outer coating on teeth). 


With proper oral care, fluoride application is the best prevention for children. As long as they follow good habits of brushing and flossing regularly, cavities will  not be a problem in the future.


The pediatrician dentist will paint the fluoride on the top and sides of each tooth with a small brush. The materials tend to be sticky. However, your child is safe as the fluoride cannot be licked off. 

As it is for children,  fluoride application is designed to be a pain-free procedure. However if young children happens to  cry before or during the procedure, our pediatrician dentist can handle the situation with ease. 

Fluoride application is commonly a short and efficient treatment, specifically made for kids. 

But no worries, you can hold and support your child during the procedure. We all know parents, and families are the best things to soothe a nervous and crying child. 

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With a comprehensive oral education and special treatments, our Pediatric Dentist in Malolos can give your child years of confident and brighter smiles.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fluoride varnish is globally used by dentists to prevent tooth decay. The treatment is proven and tested on children. The material used is only in a minimal amount and designed to harden quickly once applied.

Here are two of the most common advice of pediatrician dentist after the treatment. You can also ask your dentist for specific instructions.

Your child can eat and drink right after the fluoride varnish is applied. It’s best to stick with soft foods as regular foods might bring discomfort to the child.

Do not brush or floss teeth for the next 4 hours. In some cases, dentists will recommend waiting until the next morning to brush or floss.Make sure that your child spits when rinsing. 

Fluoride restores minerals to tooth surfaces and strengthens the enamel or the outer surfaces of the teeth. It can also slow down the invasion of bacteria, thus preventing the risk of cavities.

It’s best to do fluoride application in the pediatrician clinic. Too much varnishing of fluoride can lead to implications as follows: 

  • white specks on mature teeth
  • Weak dense bones
  • staining on teeth
  • problems with bone homeostasis

Seeing these effects, many children’s toothpaste doesn’t include too much fluoride. And it’s good to supervise your child’s brushing. Only purchase toothpaste that is suitable for your child.

Especially, If your child is under 3 years old, apply only a thin layer of toothpaste to their toothbrush. When it comes to using Fluoride toothpaste for child ages 5 and above, still put the size of a pea. Make sure that they spit the toothpaste out while brushing.